Monday, August 19, 2013

NOTD #1: Glitter Tips

Hey loves! I hope you are all having a lovely day. Today, I've just been spending the day at home, relaxing. I did also end up painting my nails so I thought I would share with you all what is on my nails! Also please don't mind my unhealthy yellow nails. It's a result of being a nail polish addict.

 Here's how they look under artificial light.

And here's how they look under natural light.

It's literally so easy to achieve this nail design/art that I don't even think it's necessary for me to talk through the steps. However, I will quickly go through what I did and what nail polishes I used.

As for the nail polishes that I used, they are all nail polishes that can be found in local drugstores. I bought mine from Shoppers Drugmart in Canada.

I first applied a base coat on my nails. Since I did not apply any coloured nail polish on top I made sure that the base coat I used was shiny. For this nail look I used PRO FX Complete 3. This is my favourite nail polish base coat because it is so affordable and on top of that it acts as a topcoat and nail strengthener as well.

As for the glitter tips, I used a gorgeous glitter topcoat from Essie. Using a glitter topcoat where the nail polish colour is clear makes it easier to create a gradient look since I also used a clear base coat as the main colour of my nails. The glitter topcoat I used is Essie's Luxeffects in a cut above.

Then to finish everything off, I simply used the PRO FX Complete 3 once more onto of each nail as a topcoat. This makes it less likely for the glitters from the Essie nail polish to fall off and makes it more smooth.

So that's the end of this post. I hope you guys found this interesting and hopefully some of you will try this out yourself! Anyways, have a lovely day and enjoy the beautiful weather outside!

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  1. The pink glitter top coat looks too cute! I love the pale pink color. Your rings are so pretty <3 I also love using glitters coat on my nails though most of the time it's hard to take off and I have to use violence to completely get them off my poor nails. But they look so pretty <3 thank you for this entry!


  2. this manicure is really pretty; i really like the pink glitter especially in the natural light but taking it off is going to be hectic ><

    1. thank you! and omg yeah trying to take off the glitter was just hectic.

  3. The nail art is so pretty! I love the gradient using a clear color with glitters.

  4. Hey,
    this polish is lovely! :)

  5. thanks for the tip! I love pink and anything glittery and this polish shade is perfect! <3

  6. It's a simple, but lovely way to do your nails! The Essie glitter polish is gorgeous.

  7. I love this polish! I bought the same Essie polish for one of my friends - this inspired to buy me one for myself! ^__^

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